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One Gold Point is a crowdfunding platform built to offer creators and audiences a new way to create value. We are a team of friends and family who have built this technology from scratch. Join the platform and lets grow together.

Hey, I’m Dejan Muftic and in 2010 I started my first online platform helping students sell their used university coursebooks to other students. The site was successful but I couldn’t think of any way to generate any revenue for it. Since then, my friends and I have been exploring different ways to help platforms, creators, and communities find alternative funding models. We’re on a mission to build new technology and partnerships to help support creators and ideas.

This page is set up to show other partners what it could look like to accept donations through One Gold Point. If you made a few gold points and want to support our work feel free to donate.

Dejan Muftic, OGP Founder

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The Team

We are a pair of friends, working with family, to bring this platform to life. One of us handles the IT and coding, the other manages (almost) everything else.

If you want to know more about us just send us a message and get in touch.

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