What is a decentralized rewards platform?

One Gold Point is a new take on rewards. 

OGP is a secure rewards and identities wallet that operates on a distributed ledger

To enhance the value, security, and privacy of our users we have built OGP on a distributed ledger protocol – much like Blockchain.

Rewards points and identities are ​exchanged through true peer-to-peer transactions between users and applications removing the the need for third parties or middlemen.

The advantages of this is that your reward points can be used in many more different ways and accepting them becomes easier and cheaper for merchants and partners.


By managing user identities through a distributed protocol, you can keep your sensitive and personal ​data in your rewards wallet and only share what information applications need to perform their services or function.

Instead of you sharing your personal information with applications and services – they share “memberships” cards with you so that you can authenticate yourself as a member of their application or service.

The Technology

The distributed ledger technology we use addresses the inherent weaknesses of the existing distributed ledgers such as Bitcoin-based Blockchain, Ethereum, or commercial ledger implementations like RippleNet.

Our distributed protocol facilitates true peer-to-peer transactions that are secure, instantaneous, and immutable – all without the need for third-party miners or packaging in blocks.

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The Team

We are a pair of friends, working with family, to bring this platform to life. One of us handles the IT and coding, the other manages (almost) everything else.

If you want to know more about us just send us a message and get in touch.

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