Live streamer and gaming content creator 

In the winter of 2014, I discovered Twitch. At that time, I was mainly playing League of Legends so I began watching streamers doing the same. It dawned on me that I had the potential to become a creator as well. I have a passion for engaging with people and desired to establish a personal brand where I could authentically express myself and assist others in discovering joy in gaming and creative pursuits.

Growing up I played titles like Sims & Zoo Tycoon and in my teen years World of Warcraft consumed my life. I realized I had so many games to catch up on, and decided to play through things like Bioshock, Mass Effect and more classics that I missed over the years. Due to this lifelong passion, it felt natural for me to aspire to build a career within the gaming industry. To this day I continue to stream and build communities, and I love it!

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The Team

We are a pair of friends, working with family, to bring this platform to life. One of us handles the IT and coding, the other manages (almost) everything else.

If you want to know more about us just send us a message and get in touch.

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