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One Gold Point is a new way to monetize. At its core is our a digital wallet that enables users to collect rewards and creators to recive donations. 

New Opportunities

Whether it be from participating in paid market research or receiving points from a loyalty program, users can now turn these rewards into creator support.

Gold Points

Our system is built to be flexible and convenient. It works across platforms. Accept points anywhere your content is and convert those points into cash.

Thrive Together

As you grow so should your opportunities. With One Gold Point we create opportunities both for you and your audience to earn. Reward your audience as you grow.

One Gold Point for Creators

Your space,
anywhere you like.

Harness the power of our platform to showcase your work, connect with your audience, and turn your creativity into a sustainable future. Accept donations anywhere you like, beyond the platform.


Accept donations

Highlight your content

Create new oppertuneties

How it works

Getting started is a breeze – with just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to go

Setup your wallet

All the donations, purchases, and support you get will be in the form of gold points. You will need a wallet to accept points and convert them into cash.


Set up your space

Your space is where your audience can donate to you, but once you have a wallet you can accept donations anywhere. Be creative and make it your own.


Offer exclusive value

Connect your audience with exclusive rewards they can only get through your community. Whether it be with other online market research panels or specific brands.


Diverse creators, infinite inspiration

Countless video producers, podcast hosts, writers, gamers, musicians, and various other creators attain both creative fulfillment and financial autonomy, engaging in what they love most through the our platform.

One Gold Point for supporters

Supporting should be rewarding.

Sending support to your favorite creators should quick and easy. We have designed the process so that your appreciation can be customized and seen by the creators you want to donate to.

Support the creators you love

Fuel projects you care about

Earn while supporting creators

How it works

Discover how your passion and opinions shape the creative world.

Earn points

Dive into the world of market research, where your opinions and insights drive the creative evolution. Engage in surveys, discussions, and feedback sessions to shape the content you're passionate about.


Spend or donate

If you want to support creators directly with points you can donate them. Or you can cash them out for yourself. Each survey yo complete generates some revenue for your favorite creators.



Your earned points become your currency – use them to directly support creators or access exclusive content. Transferring points using your wallet is quick and easy.


Less barriers between you and your supporters

Our mission is to remove barriers between creators and their audience. Unlike traditional crowd funding platforms, we offer a decentralized system where creators and supporters can have direct access to each other. Through technology we built from scratch, we foster a synergy that elevates both Creators and Supporters.  Here’s how we redefine crowdfunding:

While most platforms act as a middleman between the creator and supporter, we use web 3 technology to remove ourselves from the relationship. Donations are made through a peer-to-peer protocol.

Web 3 enhanced

Through APIs we allow our wallets to multiple different sources that offer different rewards. Whether it be from participating in online panels, receiving loyalty points, or just as a gift, we allow rewards to be converted to support.   

Collect rewards anywhere

Using our proprietary system allows us to keep fees low. With One Gold Point, transactions can happen instantaneously anywhere on the internet. This opens up even more value for both creators and supporters.

Gold points

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We are a pair of friends, working with family, to bring this platform to life. One of us handles the IT and coding, the other manages (almost) everything else.

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